First Aid and How to Deal with the Injured

The Medical Center has received a great turnout since announcing the training course during the first week of registration, as the number of registered students reached 376 from all categories of university employees (Students, faculty, staff, and employees)

The medical center will hold the first training course for faculty and staff on Saturday morning, corresponding to November 20, 2021 AD, in the presence of 48 trainees, who have been selected as the first group out of 8 groups organized during the year.

In addition, three training courses have been provided for the University employees on the following dates:

On Saturday, 16/10/2021 for female employees.

On Saturday, 11/20/2021, for faculty and staff.

On Saturday, 27/11/2021, for staff members.

Saturday, 4/12/2021 for male and female students.

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