Psychological Consultations Clinic

The Medical Center hosted a psychologist from the Saudi German Hospital once a week to provide psychological consultations to the auditors in complete confidentiality, to make psychological measures, and develop plans and treatment sessions that include: autism, hyperactivity and attention deficit, violence and stubbornness, depression and anxiety, fears and social phobia, addiction, marital problems, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, behavior modification.

As part of the medical center’s tireless pursuit to develop business and improve the level of treatment services at the university, it recently opened a specialized clinic for psychological and social counseling. The coordination between the Medical Center and the Ministry of Health was about to provide the medical center with a specialist (volunteer), who started working on Sunday 01/09/2022. Furthermore, the clinic found there was a great turnout and interaction from the Medical Center’s auditors. It also had an organization to book appointments and follow up on treatment sessions, especially for students who showed their response and satisfaction with the specialist, as the number of patients during the first month reached 72.

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