The Medical Center Joining the Referral Program

The Referral Program is one of the electronic programs that the Ministry of Health offers, which provides all the logistical and coordination needs for referring patients from one medical facility to another. It also provides an accurate archiving and statistics system that contains the patients' data transferred through the program between different health facilities all over the Kingdom.

Furthermore, this program raises the quality of services provided at the Medical Center, develops the central structure of the electronic services provided, and builds a comprehensive database of electronic files at the Medical Center. Besides, it reduces the burden on the beneficiaries and shortens the roles and procedures, leading to saving time. With the Corona pandemic and the issuance of many protocols, including dispensing with paper transfer and only electronic transfer, it became obligatory for the medical center to seek by all means to join the referral program.

Planning to attract the program began at the end of 2019 early 2020 AD to obtain a permit for the medical center from the Ministry of Health and follow-up from the management of the medical center (Quality and Infection Control Department), we have succeeded in obtaining the permit to be officially among the facilities authorized to electronically transfer hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health in the Eastern Region where the initial approval was issued on 01/11/2020 and the official approval was issued on 26/11/2020. It is considered an achievement for the university and the medical center.

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